It was known as matte glazed pottery. What characterizes the Gouda pottery that you have showcased on your website?Lonsdale: The flowery and curvaceous designs. Whereas Holland started with Art Nouveau. Mainly you concentrate on the matte glaze, which for us is the mixture of abstract and floral designs. You can mix the two together and it makes a lot of bright colors. The use of bright colors and the mixture of floral, abstract, and geometric designs all on the same piece is a lot more attractive to us. Was there a strong differentiation between the Art Nouveau movement and Art Deco in terms of Gouda designs?Lonsdale: Not necessarily between the periods�� the designs, shapes, forms, and patterns blend together. Holland also produced simple abstract designs which are definitely Art Deco, not Art Nouveau. Whichever design you like, that is the most attractive part of it. They produced abstract floral �C not just the Art Nouveau floral, but abstract floral, which sounds a bit silly. It wasn't floral and it wasn't abstract; it was a mixture of both.

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