They're instantly recognizable, whereas a lot of younger artists copied each other. If you go back to the 1880s, there weren't any books on how to make art pottery. It was a new and emerging idea, and many people attempted to produce a similar look and managed to do so using different techniques. They had to invent as they went. A lot of the technical stuff had to be evolved by trial and error. Rookwood tended to be ahead of the pack in terms of innovation and more aware of what was going on internationally. There were a lot of people who played off Rookwood and produced a very similar product. Weller, Owens, Roseville �C a lot of Ohio companies made similar products, not as good for the most part, though they each made products that were interesting in their own right. In other parts of the country, Grueby in the Boston area did some remarkable matte glaze pieces and beautiful designs for tile installations. Newcomb College in New Orleans produced some great pottery in a style very much in keeping with the flora and fauna of the south. Everybody who did art pottery in this period was trying to come up with a better mousetrap, and in many cases they did.

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