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" Zsolnay pottery is characterized by simple nature-inspired reliefs like trees set in opposition t lustrous red skies. In England, ceramist William Moorcroft made great use of the tube-lining technique for his established line of Florian ware Art Nouveau pottery, outlining his imagery, inspired by Etruscan, classical Roman, and Far-Eastern ceramics, with thin pipes of coloured slips. Designer Christopher Dresser also hired tube-lining for his work at the Minton Art Pottery studio, where Minton & Co. would provide artists blank vases to color. Company creative director Leon Solon worked with John Wadsworth on a well-liked series of "Secessionist" encouraged pieces for Minton. Major salt-glaze pottery Doulton & Co. , called Royal Doulton after 1901, opened a studio in south London in 1871 to produce a hand-crafted, hand-embellished Art Nouveau style pottery. Thanks to its proximity to, and courting with, the Lambeth School of Art, the studio had a skilled pool of artists and designers to attract from, including Frank Butler, Hannah Barlow, George Tinworth, and Emily Edwards. These artists were able to chose the shape and ornament of the vases they produced. Their pots were customarily simple in form and adorned with flora or fauna styles. One of these Lambeth artists, Robert Wallace Martin, went on to build a small and artistic salt glaze stoneware pottery with his three brothers.


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