In particular, the firing process often led to unpredictable outcomes, such as uneven color, veins, or blisters��such "imperfections" gave each piece a unique character. Often the pots were plain in shape, blank canvases to adorn with beautiful colors, textures, and painted imagery. French Art Nouveau craftsmen developed two-tone marbelized and crystalline effects, as well as the deep flamb�� red known as sang-de-boeuf and metallic glazes in rich colors like blue, yellow, orange, and purple. Other ceramists put their energy into creating unique shapes for their pots, making fluid-looking vases inspired by Japanese ceramics, some even shaped like flowers or foliage. Three-dimensional relief effects were achieved by sculpting damp clay into flower blooms, plant stalks, animals, or maidens. Handles were shaped like scrolls, branches, leaves, or even seductively arching women. The rim of the vase might be manipulated into the shapes of leaves or flower buds. Finally, Art Nouveau pottery produced by major factories, as opposed to individual artists, tended to emphasize surface decoration over experimental glazes. These pieces were adorned with imagery inspired by Viennese Secessionists and Jugendstil artists as well as Japanese art, including blooming plants, exotic birds like peacocks, and the hugely popular femme-fleur, or flower woman. In France, the top luxury commercial pottery S��vres paved the way for new glazing techniques when Joseph-Th��odore Deck took the helm in 1883. His shapes took their inspiration from the female form, as well as Chinese architecture and ancient Turkish, Persian, and Far Eastern motifs.

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