They made a lot of fun bookends and paperweights and figural pieces, which are not always as expensive as some of the vases. But they can get into the low thousands. How did Rookwood bring all this stuff to market?Production 4 3/8 inch vase made in 1930 and covered with a wonderful example of Rookwood's Copperdust Crystal glazeProduction 4 3/8 inch vase made in 1930 and covered with a wonderful example of Rookwood's Copperdust Crystal glazeHumler: They had a showroom at the factory, but they also had connections with department stores throughout the United States. Certainly Marshall Fields in New York and Chicago, probably Gump's in San Francisco, those types of names. Rookwood was sold in fine department stores and jewelry stores throughout the United States, which is how it got dispersed all over the United States. They did a mail-order catalog once, but I don't think it was very successful. Like a lot of companies, Rookwood went into hiding during the Depression, into seclusion, just dropped off the map from the collector point of view. I don't think anybody collected much of anything until well after World War II. In the early 1960s, there were people collecting Rookwood who weren't even necessarily aware what they were doing. They might have known that it was made in Cincinnati and that it was pretty neat, but they didn't have a lot to go on. By the early 1970s, there were new collector books in a lot of areas that spurred interest, and then museums got involved and held major showings of things that had fallen out of favor, like Rookwood and Tiffany.

Roseville Pottery Laurel 668-6 Roseville Pottery LAUREL Terra Cotta 670-7 ca. 1934 MINT Condition Rare Vintage Arts & Crafts Roseville Green Laurel Pattern 14-3/8" Vase # 678-14 Roseville Art Pottery Baneda Cremonia Ferella Laurel Wincraft Etc / Book +Values Roseville Pottery Laurel Art Deco Vase Yellow Black 6 1/4" Roseville Art Pottery Zanesville, Ohio Laurel 8" Bowl Gold & Black Glaze Deco Roseville Pottery Laurel Pattern marked x3 Roseville Art Pottery Laurel Terra Cotta #675-9 Vase Vintage 1930s EXC Vintage Roseville Pottery Art Deco Laurel Old Gold #250 Flower or Bulb Bowl ROSEVILLE 8 3/8" LAUREL RED TERRA COTTA HANDLED #673-8 HANDLED VASE Circa 1934 ROSEVILLE LAUREL RUST VASE SHAPE NUMBER 673-8" GREAT COLOR AND MOLD Vintage ROSEVILLE ART POTTERY Laurel Green Vase Arts & Crafts Art Nouveau 667-6" FINE RARE YELLOW ROSEVILLE POTTERY LAUREL JARDINIERE VASE BUTTRESS HANDLES 250-6 Roseville Laurel Art Deco Yellow 7" Vase ROSEVILLE POTTERY, LAUREL PERSIMMON JARDINIERE, SHARP DETAIL, CRISP MOLD, NICE~~ Rare Roseville Pottery Laurel Pattern Vase 671-7, Red, Art Deco  Roseville Yellow Laurel #672-8" MINT! ROSEVILLE USA LAUREL YELLOW WARE PINECONE GREEN FRESIA JARDINIERE, PITCHER, BOWL Roseville Laurel Green Vase 668-6-Mint ROSEVILLE 9 1/8" LAUREL TERRA COTTA HANDLED #675-9 HANDLED VASE Circa 1934 ROSEVILLE 9 1/8" LAUREL GREEN HANDLED #675-9 HANDLED VASE Circa 1934 Middle Per "HUGE!!" ANTIQUE USA ROSEVILLE LAUREL TREE ART DECO GARDEN FLOWER POTTERY VASE VINTAGE 30S ROSEVILLE POTTERY LAUREL-RED 672 VASE 8 1/2" TERRA COTTA EXC SHAPE Roseville Laurel Terra Cotta Vase nice rare piece A Vintage Arts & Crafts Yellow Ground Art Pottery Roseville 'Laurel' Vase Roseville Pottery Vase, 1934 Tourmaline Trial Glaze Laurel Flaring Vase #673 1930s Roseville Art Deco Pottery Laurel Yellow / Gold Vase with Black Ribs 668-6 Roseville Laurel Green Vase- 667-6" - MINT Roseville Laurel Terra Cotta Vase - 667-6" - MINT Roseville Laurel Terra Cotta Vase - 671-7 1/4" - MINT