Factories such as Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl employed designers such as Axel Salto, who worked for both firms, although his "Budding" and gourd-shaped pieces from the 1930s at Royal Copenhagen are perhaps his best known. Nils Thorsson spent more than 60 years at Royal Copenhagen, designing the Marselis line in the 1950s for the factory's parent company, Aluminia. One of the most sought-after brands of Danish art pottery are the vases and bowls produced between 1930 and 1968 by Saxbo, which was founded by Nathalie Krebs. A former glaze chemist at Bing & Grondahl, Krebs relied on Eva Staehr-Nielsen to devise many of Saxbo's elegant forms, which ranged from bottle vases to star-shape bowls. Leon Galetto was known for his cylinder vases with relief triangles on their sides, while Eric Rahr designed asymmetrical pieces. Meanwhile, in postwar West Germany, a style known as fat lava appeared in the 1960s and '70s. The genre gets its name from the thick, encrusted glazes that typify many of these pieces, some of which look as if their surfaces are composed of frozen flows of lava in radioactive hues ranging from fiery reds to cobalt blues. While the glazes were referred to at the time as lava glazes, the "fat" designation is more recent, the result of the public's particular fascination with pieces whose glazes are especially thick and textured. Fat lava objects include large floor vases, smaller straight-sided jugs (some with ring handles near their mouths), and sculptural pieces that appear to have been chiseled and sliced, creating juxtapositions of smooth and gnarled surfaces. Some fat lava pieces seem to be outgrowths of the macrame-and-raku aesthetic of 1960s hippie culture, while others have a postmodern, almost pop-culture look to them, sporting deliberately childlike designs like flowers, some rendered in deep relief. While much art pottery of the 20th century was produced by companies such as Rookwood, Roseville, and Weller, some of the most innovative work came out of the private studios of independent artists, who produced one-of-a-kind pieces on production schedules of their own making.

Roseville Rozane bowl 1900's ROSEVILLE POTTERY ROZANE WARE LIGHT SQUEEZEBAG DECORATION 1941 Roseville Pottery Candlesticks  # 1144-3   Rozane Pattern  1917 Roseville Art Pottery Rozane Pattern Floral Creamware 6 1/2 Inch Vase 1917 Roseville Art Pottery Rozane Pattern Floral Creamware 6 1/2 Inch Vase Antique ROSEVILLE Art Pottery Rozane 1917 Floral Jardinière Handled Basket USA Roseville Rozane Rose Bouquet Vase Roseville Rozane Floral Bowl 1917 Roseville Rozane Compote Pedestal Bowl circa 1917 Roseville Pottery Rozane Pattern Tray, Shape 407-6, Burnt Orange Roseville Art Pottery (Zanesville, Ohio) Rozane Pattern Deco #5-8" Vase Blue ROSEVILLE ROZANE 61/2" tall COMPOTE. 1917 VINTAGE ROSEVILLE ROZANE POTTERY EMBOSSED FLORAL VASE 8" TALL Antique 1917 Roseville Art Pottery ROZANE 12" Tall Vase Vintage Roseville Rozane Art Pottery Vase 4.5 inches with Pansy Decoration Vtg ROSEVILLE Rozane? WELLER Louwelsa? 8" Art Pottery Standard Glaze Lamp Base Roseville Rozane Royal Salesman Sample Jar & Ped Set RARE FIND Roseville Rozane ware Tea set 1901 BEAUTIFUL RARE ROSEVILLE ROZANE GRAPE DECOR 15 1/2"TALL #884 PITCHER-SIGNED Roseville Rozane vase 7" 1900 ANTIQUE EARLY NUMBERED "ROZANE" ROSEVILLE VASE/CURRANT PATTERN?/ZANESVILLE OHIO Vintage Roseville Rozane pottery vase classic collectible 8"h x 5"w circa 1917  Vintage Antique Roseville Rozane Planter Pot, Medium Size 5 1/4" hi As Is, Chips Vintage Antique Roseville Rozane Footed Jardiniere w/Handles ca.1917 Vintage Roseville Rozane Art Pottery Vase 6-9” Blue Cream Matte Glaze Roseville Pottery 1905-07 Rozane Egypto Tankard E36 HTF Early Unmarked 1900's Roseville Rozane 6 1/2" Dimpled Yellow Candle Holder EARLY ROZANE POTTERY TANKARD W/ LEAVES BEAUTIFUL  Roseville Art Pottery incl. Rozane - Patterns Artists Marks / Illustrated Book Roseville Rozane Line 1917 Candlestick Holder 1016-6 (Pair) ROSEVILLE POTTERY ROZANE WARE WOODLAND 10" TALL VASE WITH WAFER Roseville Art Pottery White Rozane Double Handled Bowl, 1917 to 1920--19 Roseville Rozane Pattern 1144-3 Candlestick Blue Excellent Condition Roseville Pottery Rozane Woodland Thistle Vase 972-8 1917 Roseville Pottery Rozane 6.5" Vase Antique 1917 ROSEVILLE Art Pottery 6 3/4" Rozane #251 Flower Roses Basket Vase TAPERED FLOWER VASE - Vintage ROSEVILLE pottery 1917 ROZANE dimpled yellow Roseville Pottery Rozane Light Home Art Three Footed Tulip Vase Roseville Pottery Rozane 1917 Basket RARE Roseville Blue Rozane Stemmed Compote Stamped Circa 1917 MINT 24" VINTAGE ANTIQUE ROSEVILLE ROZANE ART POTTERY FLORAL & GRAPE DECORATED VASE Rare Antique Roseville Art Pottery Huge 1917 Rozane 15” Floral Jardiniere