Who collects Rookwood today and what are they collecting?Humler: There's some people with eclectic collections who look at a lot of different things. And others who are very specific about what they collect, they might just collect a particular type of Weller or Roseville or Rookwood or a particular artist or period. We're all susceptible to the disease and have different manifestations of it. I've personally had a longtime interest in things Rookwood made from about 1915 and 1930, which is not mainstream Rookwood, but they're things I like. A lot of new looks and new glazes were in vogue then. Some of the artists were really doing some innovative stuff. I would say it's a modern look as opposed to Victorian or Art Nouveau or Art Deco or Arts and Crafts (all of which Rookwood did in response to market demand). It would be more of a modern flavor. There really isn't a definitive name for it. Are there substantial Rookwood collections out there in museums, and has that influenced the market at all?Standard Glaze 6 inch pocket vase decorated with red roses in 1901Standard Glaze 6 inch pocket vase decorated with red roses in 1901Humler: Museums have always been interested in Rookwood because it was a first-class product, and there certainly were collections put together, some of which were dispersed. Now that Rookwood is very much back in the public eye, museums that have acquired pieces to augment their collections.

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